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Thread: sound loop in flash

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    hello poeple!

    I've got a big problem, how can I introduce, a sound loop, for more than a Scene, without the sound repeat him self? How can I create a botton play and stop from all the scenes? In this time, I try to put a Scene specialy to the sound, but Isn't working.

    like ever, i need a urgent answer!!!


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    Just create a seperate movie with your sound in it, and then do a loadMovie command and load it in on your first scene and it will play across scenes

    Josh Dura

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    you can also put the sound inside a movieClip (MC) and drop it in the first frame ... by default property of a MovioeClip it will keep loopiing all along , but this is crude ... coz if at any point there is a rewind button or user interaction to rewind the loop will overlap and sound baad !!
    However use ActionScript and Library export Symbol technique for better control

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