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Thread: the best way to open files

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    i need to open an .exe file, and i was wondering if there is a way to open it without using a browser.
    or close the window after it opens.


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    Sounds like you are trying to either use a Projector file, or a virus. I think that the only way you could open it, is to put something in the computers startup, that would in turn run the exe, or to double click it. I dont see a need to do the prior though.

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    do you mean .. wether you can open an external application outisde Flash ... If I get u rite ... the u can try using the FS Command (Exec )

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    no, i'm not trying to open a virus. i am a graphic designer making a cd-rom for a company. they have tons of info in .pdf format and i need to make a button on the bottom that loads the install program for acrobat reader. it will open directly from the cd.

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    Its all Good...

    Just when someone posts like that... in a vague manner.. it makes one think. You say that the company has tons of Info in PDF format. Now, is this CD for them or for clients of theres. I would think that all you would have to do is use an fscommand to open the exe, but I am not very familiar with loading or running external files. Sorry! I really wanted to clarify what I stated earlier. Next time, just be a little more descriptive if possible

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    i didn't mean to be short. it just kinda sounded that way. i know that i wasn't clear. i will try the fs command. thanks guys.

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