Help... Here's the scenario:

I have 8 swf's loading into seperate, blank (holder) MC's. What I want is for the MC's to be invisible until a button is pressed, then the 1 MC corresponding to the button becomes visible. When a second button is pressed another becomes visible and the rest go invisible. I don't know how to explain it properly, but you should get the drift. The code on each button may look something like this:

on (release )
_root.MCone (_visible=true)
_root.MCtwo (_visible=false)
_root.MCthree (_visible=false)
_root.MCfour (_visible=false)
_root.MCfive (_visible=false)
_root.MCsix (_visible=false)
_root.MCseven (_visible=false)
_root.MCeight (_visible=false)

The code on each MC will be maybe like this:

onClipEvent (load)

The reason for doing this is so that I can load all the clips while the intro is running to increase the smooth running of the site. Please could someone help me with the code for the visibility on the clips AND the buttons...

Many thanks for any help given...
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