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Thread: swf-file in a html frame????

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    I have a problem and I can’t figure it out by myself.

    I made a homepage which starts with a little flash movie, so far no problem.
    Then you get to a menu with frames, which I made with HTML.
    In the left frame (the menu) you can choose the link diashow.
    This is a new swf file I made to project some jpg pictures.

    If you press the link the picture-show will be loaded in te right frame.

    No problem you think, but the swf-file is not streaming.
    Because of this I tried to publish the .fla as an html file and then it works perfectly, its nicely streaming.
    But if I want to load the big swf file in the frame it is not streaming, it only starts when
    the whole file is loaded.

    This is how I imported the swf file into the html menu, I think this must be the problem:

    <p><a href="Movie2.swf" target=q1><span style='color:yellow'>Diashow</span></a></p>

    Please help me I tried for a couple days but I can’t get it right.

    If you want to see the problem then go to my homepage, wait untill the menu is displayed, then press diashow.
    You will see that the downloading starts, but the movie only starts when the downloading is fully completed.

    Adress homepage:

    Please help me !!!
    Thank you very much

    Martin from the Netherlands

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    it's quite simple

    copy the exported html file to your server and link to the html instead of directly the swf file. the swf must also be in the same directory as the html file.

    <p><a href="Movie2.html" target=q1><span style='color:yellow'>Diashow</span></a></p>


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