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Thread: How about moho ?

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    I m looking for a well done flat-form anime tool which can
    be used company with flash.
    how about this one?(moho)
    or any other suggestion?

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    Moho is a good app. It rlies on more of a 3d animating technique. By attaching nodes to bones, then setting up bone positions on the timeline. It then inbetweens them.
    However I have founs that for character animation it's fairly limiting. Characters need to remain basic.
    You can import ai artwork but I find the more complex it is. The harder it is to animate.

    You can download the demo at http://www.lostmarble.com If you a grasp of how animation works. It's not difficult to use. I do haowever suggest you try out the demo.

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    Here's a response from member Nochuss (who e-mailed me since he seems to be having posting problems)

    MT you'll love this one onion skinning drawing tool
    export to swf and QT
    the drawing tools are great
    30 day full demo download
    reusable symbols like phenomes
    all that great stuff you wish was in flash
    now you can get it there

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    Cheers Nochuss,
    I've worked with ToonBoom and Toonz in the field. Both excellent programes. However I wasn't aware of the export to swf capability. I'm going downlod the demo and check it out. The lip sync features look excellent. Not to mention all the others that make it more animator friendly.
    Thanx again.

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    Well they have all been mentioned almost

    These are probably the best bets in no Paticular order;

    1. Moho
    2. KoolMoves
    3. ToonBoom
    4. Animo 4
    5. Adobe Premier 5.0

    Of coarse you do realize that most traditional Paint and draw software can alos export SWF?

    Illustrator, Corel Draw, Xara X, Expresions 2, Adobe Photoshop 5, ETC ETC.

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