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Thread: controling a mc in a loaded movie...ddd

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    Flashing through the morning,
    I ran into a little question for you -

    Is it possible to control a mc in a loaded movie
    with a button in the original movie.

    I've got one movie with 2 buts and a mc (square called "block").
    The first but loads a movie (cir.swf) and block is the target.

    Inside cir.swf there is a mc called "circle"( contains circle that
    moves across screen with
    stop action on first frame.

    The second but in my original movie is suppose to trigger "circle"
    in cir.swf.

    What's the actions on my second button...
    (if it is possible to do...)

    Will be smashing if you have any ideas.


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    i'm not sure but if you want acces properties of cricle you should use : _root.block.circle._propertyname

    if you want to start playing circle:
    on (press){
    tellTarget (_root.block.circle){
    gotoAndPlay (2);

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    Does this work?

    I'm curious about whether this advice has worked for you or not worked? How about it janboom? Were you able to get it working? I'm kind of trying to do the same thing.

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    Re: Does this work?

    it works

    i done :

    with buttons:

    1 but :action on it:
    on (release) {
    _root.contener.clip2.gotoAndPlay (2);

    2 but: actions on it:
    loadMovie ("t2.swf", "_root.contener");

    contener MC

    in first frame

    t2.swf with a MC named : clip2 in _root
    clip2 has stop() in 1-st frame and rest of the movie in others

    it works fine

    if you want i can send you fla's files

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    When you load a movie into another movie, the loaded movie then becomes part of the main movie, thus allowing you to reference it fully. If you load the movie into an mc and give it a name you only need to reference that name and it's as if you are referencing the main timeline of the loaded movie.

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