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Thread: import .swf into director

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    hi, i am trying to make a CDrom of all my flash animations using director. i don't know how to use diractor. i imported all my.swf and put them as sprites, they play on the screen. yet i am unable to control them. i just want to put one movie after another, without any facy transitions. one movie i have has 505 frames, i extended the sprite on the time line to f505, yet somehow, it is continuously cut before it reaches the end. i put the frame rate to normal, and said not to loop. can anyone help me?

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    theres a couple of solutions. first for best performance of ur flash pieces in director set them to 'direct to stage' under their properties. then i think u can actually count out the frames and it should work. keep in mind though that ur frame rate of the flash piece and that of the director piece our separate, and if frame matching is something ur trying to achieve u should set them to match. second, is what i would suggest. place the flash piece onto the score of the director piece for 10-20 frames (the actual number wont matter. on the last frame of where the/each flash piece extends to put:

    on exitFrame
    go the frame

    Then in your flash piece, on the last frame of the piece/animation add a getURL command (framescript) and tell the director piece to move on, i believe the actionscript would be:

    getURL ("Lingo: go the frame +1");

    though i would suggest making markers (lables) inside director for each flash piece and therefore using this code inside the flashpiece:

    getURL ("Lingo: go to \"flashpiece1\"");

    i hope that helps. good luck.

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