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    Hi guys, I'm after a free CMS, written in PHP, just plain vanilla zipped so I can unzip it on a windows machine, but it needs to run on unix because that's what my host is. PHP is platform independent so that shouldn't be a worry, I have downloaded the windows version of typo3 but it won't run on the unix box because it can't find a file, the file wasn't even in the zip, useless buggers.

    So yeah if you know of any let me know.



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    I recently did research on opensource CMS systems. I found Zope - http://www.zope.org - being the most powerful (although this one's being quite more than just a cms...). I'm afraid you can't use it, as you're bound to your server.
    For PHP i found typo3 easy to install - maybe you should use the .tar.gz version and unpack it to your unix server.
    Another powerful one ist available at http://www.ez.no called ezPublish. Also easy to install.
    If you speak german there's also phpcms

    Basically i found all of them (except Zope) too inflexible to be used for custom designs. Most of them require complicated or strange templates that can't be easily created and maintained by a team of developers. And i doubt they can handle enough content for corporate sites.
    Look at them yourself, depending on your needs one of them might fit.
    my 0.02 Euro cents

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    btw - winzip can also uncompress .tar.gz files - so there's no need to have it as .zip file.

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