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Thread: information whit the right click menu

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    I've already seen that some flash pages don't make appear all the choices from the right click menu, like the zoom, play, rewind and foward,etc... How can we just let the "Flash 5 information", on this menu? Must I to introduce some action scripts on the flash animation to do this? If that's possible,what is the script?

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    in the body tag of your HTML add:

    <param name="menu" value="false">

    you will see a few other perameters set in your HTML when you inbed your flash, such as:

    <param name=movie value="mymovie.swf">
    <param name=quality value=high>

    just put it in with them.

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    In Flash 5:

    For the web:

    File > Publish Settings > HTML Tab Uncheck "Display Menu"

    For the projector:

    fscommand ("showmenu", "false");

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