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Thread: Flash movie size

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    How can you change the size of a flash file you create. I started working on a movie - I just used the screen that it brought up(File>New) to do my work. Now that I'm ready to place the .swf file in my webpage, I need it to be a certain size. When I did the File>Publish -- it created my width at 500 and my height at 400. I need it to be 200 wide by 150 high. If I go and just change these width and height properties to what I need, it scrunches my movie down. Which for the current graphic I'm using is not a huge deal, but in the future as I become better at designing graphics I'm sure this will not be the way I can do this.
    So my question is how do you change the size(height&width) of your file when you first start creating it and also how would you do it if you needed to change the size in the middle of your design?


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    in the menu at the top goto Modify > Movie.

    you can key in your sizes there, before you start.

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