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    Does anyone know if there is a way to load an entire HTML document in flash mx, like almost creating a frame set it flash

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    Flash still only supports the parsing and display of HTML 1.2:

    bold tags
    italic tags
    underline tags
    font tags
    a tags(links)

    Nothing more.... and i dont think it would make much sense to display a full html page inside of flash, when flash is created so as it can run in a browser window(the browsers purpose is to display full html documents)

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    If I remember correctly, there is a way(javascript or dhtml) to place your flash movie behind the text/etc of your html website.

    I only know it's for IE5.5+ or so. I think it's somewhere in the Flash technotes on MM.com.


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    thanks its just that sometimes in my crazy menu systems and piontless designs i stumble accross an idea that needs a border or something where it needs to be surronded in flash.. and although i could just do the entire design in flash the complex of resolutions gets involved when unlike html the sizes stay proportioned and look funny

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    Wouldn't it be possible to do this by loading the Flash into a DIV, then setting out the HTML in another with higher z value?

    I know what HSFH means as I've been it situations where I would have found that useful.

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    yea,2 good feature are distort and envelope.


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    I just got trapped by an old misfeature of F5 player: if html text is sent with badly matched tags, like < b >< u >emphasis< /b >, the attributes of the text box will be messed up forever; if you reload corrected text, it will still show underlined; even if you send a < /u > this does not help - you have to reload the movie
    Could anybody check whether this still happens with F6 player?

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