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Thread: Banner ads

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    I've been doing Flash for about a year now. I had a friendask me to create some banner ads for them. Is Flash a good option for this? Any other suggestions on programs to use that would be better? Are there drawbacks to using Flash, which looks like it will be an easier solution for me as compared to doing GIF animantions? Or chould/should I do GIF animations in Flash? Please outline the steps if different from creating a normal swf file.
    Thank You very much

    Blair Adams

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    If you are going to make a banner a very good prog to use text effects is SWiSH ..you could also use vecta or Swift for 3d effects..from these you can export a swf..then is you want you could add them togather by importing them into flash if you want to add links and and stuff or small menus
    i used vecta 3d for my footer..very simple..

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