Hello all,

I discovered a memory leak while playing a demo I made where I've tried to create a rotating galaxy.


I couldn't figure out why the movie always slowed down after about a minute or so. Anyway I've traced it down to the while and for loops.

eg. start a new movie, add an edit box and initialise with '0' and set variable to 'count', add actions element, in actions element add a javascript element, in the javascript element add the following code ...

ndx = 0;
while(ndx < 1000)
ndx += 1;
count = (count * 1) + 1;

... export movie and watch in a browser.

When you run the movie with task manager you will notice that the memory usage just keeps on climbing and the movie begins to slow down. If you preview the movie in 3dfa there is no memory leak.

This has already been sent to Insane.