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Thread: Flash MX, it is Freehand and Flash all together?

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    So I've heard that its true! This Flash MX coming soon is like a Flash together with Freehand, so that it is like animating freehand with the shape nodes and things moving. But I have also heard that what is coming soon has something called XMML? Extensive something? The only thing I would really like to totally know is if the True Type Fonts work in this new Flash. Is this so? If not I am not so sure it's for me.

    Thanks so very much, this site is a big help and I hope to learn more about Flash MX when there are books to read and info on this site!

    oops, what do I sign here? Mrs. or my name?

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    No, Freehand and Flash have not been combined. Not sure where you got that idea. Flash MX does include full support for Freehand 10 import, which works quite nicely. Regarding XML, this is a technology that allows you to structure information in a text file and feed it into Flash. It stands for, "eXstensible Mark-up Language" - very similar to HTML. This was introduced in Flash 5.

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