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Thread: extension manager problem!

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    For some reason when I download some extensions, i double click them to install and it says i need flash5 or greater?? also it only shows dreamweaver4 in the extension manager. I tried goin to help under Flash MX and I can't click manage extensions?? what gives i got the latest extension manager?? can any1 help?

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    are you sure you not using Flash 6 bet? Thats why warez is baaddd, not that im saying you are, its a question.

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    no i got the full vers no trial or nothin ... licensed to meee

    hmm im gonna try uninstalling than reinstalling!! hope it works!

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    eww!! that didn't work..

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    Hi mate,

    I had the same problem and I installed the new extension manager from Here

    Let me know is this helps


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    yeah i did that !! for some reason after i install it.. in the html doc it opens up, it says Welcome to the Macromedia Extension Manager 1.3 it's suppose to be 1.4 why would it say 1.3??

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    You want to make sure that you uninstall the old version of the Extension Manager before installing version 1.4, then you should have no problems.

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    I did do that and still.. it's messed up

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    the new extension manager works fine.... did you get it from MM?


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    yep I got it from there. Im doin everything right, idunno why it's messed up!

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