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Thread: you have too see this ablout flash MX

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    Does Flash MX suport 3D? Flash MX users please dont say no cous thats 1 thing i was looking forword too.

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    What do you mean by 3D, flash 5 can have a 3D engine built into it.

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    no ...

    unless you mean the direct 3d /glide support ??

    jus joshin wid ya

    thats in flash NY

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    I believe it supports 3D in the same manner that Falsh 5 does, through the use of 3rd party programs, and in the way that people figured out how to program for 3d in Flash, a "pseudo 3D."

    However, it does not have a Z-axis, or a 3d engine as part of the program. In my opionion, I feel that is a good thing, as I feel that if MM were to include a 3D feature with Flash, we'd end up seeing tons of sites using 3D for no reason, just the same as sites using animated text effects with no purpose.


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