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Thread: Copy-Pasting

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    Hmmmm I never came to a situation where I needed this solution before...ok here's the deal

    -I typed up something in photoshop 6
    -deleted the background layer
    -gave it some internal shadowing and lightning
    -I resterized the layer
    -selected the letters only with magic select
    -copied the selection

    -pasted it in the flash mx

    BUT what got pasted in was the lettering w/o the effects just the plain colour and with a white background....

    now my question is is there some specific background colour (like pink in some apps) that I can choose so the background wont show when I import/paste it in flash

    any other suggestions on how to do this...?

    thanx in advance guys

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    Wouldn't be better just to save the picture from Photoshop as a .png or a .gif with a transparent background and then import it into flash that way?

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    yeah my friend at school just suggested the gif option to me this morning and it worked
    thanx for your reply anyways...

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