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Thread: Re; swf to fla - PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Hi all

    Does anybody know how to turn an swf into an fla.

    I realize that many Flashers are very "touchy" about this subject so I will explain why I need to know.

    I am making a site for a company and I said I would have it done for them by the end of March. I had almost completed the site and put the swf on disk for my friend to have a look at when my PC messed up and I have no back-ups of the fla. I am currently borrowing a friends PC and the only copy of the site I have is the swf.

    It is very important to me and my client that I get the fla back.

    I've tried those progarmmes like "Action Script Viewer" and "Re-Animator" but they only tell you a small part of the code and even still I would have to do a huge ammount of work to restore the site.

    Please, please, please help me!

    I do realize that many people are not happy about giving this kind of infomation out but I would be most greatful if you could please help me.

    Thank you very much for all those who respond and learn from the thread.

    Cheers and take care,

    XL Design

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    there is no such thing as an swf to fla converter, in the same way as there is no program that would convert a gif image made from a multi-layer drawing back to a psd or ai file. The programs that exist will probably reduce the amount of work for recreating a fla - common sense tells that the possible reduction depends both on the program and the movie


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    well you can sort of

    there is a program at http://www.livetronix.com/ that says it will attempt to do this. But remember that anything you download or whatever is copyright work and unless you have permission from the original author you could get sued if you infringe that copyright!!! Why not email the author and ask nicely for the .fla

    Respect the original author!

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    I've just exidentally and utterly stupidly overwritten my Puzzle FLA source file that took many days of hard labour with a 5 frame banner!!! I always export my SWF movies protected... and now I am in deep ****!

    Does any of you know of a way to re-import the SWF file so that I might be able to make a few more adjustments?

    This really sucks, please help! An example of the puzzle can be found here:


    Thanks in advance... please respond

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