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David Mack/Ed Mack


Lovejoy the lovely ragdoll cat

Here's a few pictures of my cat:

Where based:
Near Belfast, Northern Ireland

Describe yourself in 5 or so words:
Somebody that finds it really hard not to use many words

Favourite cliché/quote/phrase:

Monty Python: ( a man and a woman)
But more intertersting!
Oh yes!

Favourite Website/s:

Favourite Cocktail:
What sort of people are you? Trying to inforce illegal habbits. What do you think I'll say?

What has been your worst accident:
3 minutes, just couldn't hold it in

Most embarrassing moment:
None really, I'm carful

Why do you volunteer your time as a Moderator:
None, I was captured and forced into it. I currently live in a small box with only keyboard access and a 3 inch monitor

Thoughts to advance the profession:
The proffession?

Blurb: (write anything you like here!)
I'm sarcastic, cost loads to look after, talk when I shouldn't, I'm pessimistic, Idealistic, Going ballistic, I'm annoying and will make your life hell, 3 minutes with me and you'll wonder if your tongue could fit around somones neak. I fidgit, fumble, I'm hopless at team sports, I hate participating, I hate reading, writing, communicating, small underpants, alarm clocks, chatrooms, friends, money, poverty, snobbism, vegetarianism, butchers, farmers, fox hunters, berry pickers, kola bears, cars, casinos, christianity, whites, blacks, pinks, violets, metal, long sentences, overuse of ","'s, easter eggs, all fun in general, the internet, computers, all energy forms, the universe, immaginary gods, the people who get fooled by them, the people that don't, music, drugs, drink, alchohol, tabbaco, moderators, users, web masters, spiderman, bunny rabbits, submit buttons, keyboards, televisions, telephones, paper, pens, blood, rappers, funk, water, cheese, bra's, cd's, carpet, carboard box's with flaps, flaps, rocks, mountains, Irish people, humans, cats, dictionaries, time, space, dimensions, Oscars, swearing, electronic componants, school, toys, girls, boys, shorts, socks, exams, mocks, light, blight, might, sight, snails, quails, months and, oh dam. Oranges and em..

Though, I do like black holes.
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