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Thread: Text Editors for SWF files.

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    Hi there and thanx for reading this post.

    I am new to FLASH and was wondering what was the best text editor to use that would export SWF files?

    Thanx again.

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    Boy, you are new

    You can't export SWF using a text editor.

    Primarily, you create SWFs using Flash. However, there are other programs that can also output SWFs (like Swish and Flaxx, to name but two).

    Is that what you meant?

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    You can Copy and paste from flash to any program that you choose.


    If you wish to export to another program to edit the text etc, Freehand 9 can handle this as it is also a vector based program (lines/files not bit maps, raster etc)

    Copy it across tne click modify ungroup/break apart

    Hope this helps


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