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Thread: Blurry Fonts

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    My next flash needs small fonts but when the size is too low they become blurry. How would I fix this?

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    If you set the text feilds to Dynamic Text they will look mor crisp.

    Also make sure that the X and Y positions of the text feild is lined up to a even number (in the Info Panel) eg
    x = 20.0
    y = 20.0
    not 20.3 and 20.7 or what ever.

    also if they are embeded inside of movie clips make sure that the movie clips position is also ligned up.

    You can also Kern your fonts (more space between letters)

    Good luck.

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    You can try some pixel fonts too!

    Once you get the hang of em (which for me took, un, forever) they look fantastic.

    Here's a great example of an AWESOME use of pixel fonts (in my opinion.)

    also check out my thread on pix fonts, LOL
    Lotta good info there!

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