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Thread: Cool shortcut

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    I was just going through a tutorial and learned a few little AS panel shortcuts.

    if you have a button selected go to the AS panel hit the [esc] key then "o " "n" (no quotes).

    Flash will put in the
    on () {
    in for you .

    after some trials I have found some more shortcuts. if you have a MC select the clip and in AS panel hit [esc] then "o" "c" (no quotes). you will get the onClip event code dropped in for ya.
    other commands I have found to work:

    [esc] then:
    on = onClipEvent
    wh = while
    if = if loop
    el = else loop
    st = stop
    pl = play
    lv = loadVariables
    lm = loadMovie
    un = unloadMovie
    rm = removeMovieClip
    sp = setProperty
    sd = stopDrag
    dr = startDrag
    sw = switch
    se = set
    ss = stopAllSounds
    fs = fscommand
    fo = for
    fn = function
    de = delete
    dt = default
    do = do while loop
    dm = duplicateMovieClip

    thats all I had time to try. hope this speeds everybody up? I know it'll help me.

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    pretty cool

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    In the action script window, click on the plus icon to add a line of code. Next to each action script element will be the corresponding shortcut.

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    for is fr, not fo

    I'm happy for these shortcuts, but I'm not quite ready to give up my separate code editor. Why, for instance, can't you get a bookmark list of functions within your code window, such as that provided by EditPlus?

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    It's definately th best thing about the editor, (was in f5 too)
    although on the down side is much more stuff ... no find related brackets, autoformat easily confused, my phone has a better auto complete :-p , the reference with no find, every syntax error seems to be 'unexpected '}' encountered, well thanks for providing bracket matching mr code editor writer grrrr!

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