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Thread: Video game help.....plz post me!!!!

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    Ya i need help with something simple for i video game development with flash.
    If you know how u can make your character move with your keyboard arrows please post me at shiznitt_2003@hotmail.com thanks....

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    Oh, please, get FlashMX, it has samples like this included. Or goto tutorials/games section and read some of them.

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    Yes i tried going into the games section. But I am trying to make a game sorta like zelda where ur man can move. And i didn't find anything like this on any sites.

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    Many of these questions have been asked here in the Flash Kit games forum before, so using the search feature can often help. I'd recommend using the advanced search and specifying "Games" in the forum field.

    Anyway, here's a thread from a while ago that asks (and answers) pretty much the same question you asked:


    The second post in the thread provides a link to an example movie that demonstrates a character (just an arrow in this example) moving around the screen controlled by the arrow keys. The post also links to the fla of the movie, which should show you exactly how to do this.

    Hope it helps!

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