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    Does anyone know how to pause a game, i.e. when the a button is pressed all animaion / action / mc's EVERYTHING is stopped until it is clicked again??? This would be real helpful,

    Cheers, Tom

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    incredibulus-actionscriptum magnetos's Avatar
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    well i am afraid there isn t an easy way
    you can try something like this

    if (!_root.pause)
    //here goes all the code
    this code will be on all mcs

    so when you press a button or a key you make
    pause=true and false accordingly

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    It depends entirely on the kind of game you develop and how you develop it. I have a pause button on one of my games ( http://www.frothworks.com/games/fruit.html ). It's a tetris type game (you press "P" to pause).

    In this game, all of the animation ActionScript is in frames on the main timeline. So pausing is as simple as sending the timeline to another frame on the main timeline--a frame that still has the graphics but not the ActionScript. Then when "R" (for resume) is pressed, the timeline is sent back to the previous frame and the action continues.

    Now, that's not going to work for all games. If you've got ActionScript attatched to movieclips, for instance, you're probably going to have to do something like what magnetos suggested.

    Good luck!

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