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Thread: Movie Clip OLE error??? Can't Drop Clip

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    ok.. here's where I am... I started the design of a movie, which I later determined I needed to use as a movie clip for various reasons... it's quite large, and just copying the frames to a clip was quite a project -- kept dying with memory problems, even with 512megs of onboard memory and, finally, over 10gigs of virtual memory.

    However, I finally got it copied... looks nice... plays correctly in the library window... but i can't drop it into a movie.. when I try to drop it, Flash MX dies with the error "Embedding OLE objects is unsupported. Use File->Import to import media."

    Any thoughts on what's going on here, and how to drop this??


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    Saves me from typing the EXACT SAME problem I'm having, but does ANYONE have a clue how to overcome this problem?

    Need a response quick smart, as need to get on with my flash assignment.

    Thanks in advance!

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