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    Hi there,

    who could help me get similar movies as on the http://www.bluetooth.com website (index page and within the site)? I am a good programmer in the field of ASP, VBScript, Javascript, SQL, (D)COM, C++ and C# (still reading ) but have no experience in design suites like Photoshop and Flash; which is also not what i am interested in, I might add.

    Who could recreate me similar movies in easy to update .fla's?

    Off course I'll make an effort in return: I can provide you with an early version of the Content Management System that my company develops. It's ideal for someone interested in teaching him/herself ASP, VBScript, Javascript, SQL, Access and SQL2000. The package can be set up to handle hundreds of weblogs or other easy-to-manage websites. I desired, I could also set these extra features up for you.

    Name: MSMS (Modulairy Site Management System)
    Techniques used: (D)HTML, VBScript, Javascript, SQL, Access98/ 2000 DBase.
    Installation: Via setup routine (fill in your server name etc, and the database and necessary pages are being created live)
    Developed by: 3 fulltime and 2 parttime programmers
    Reference: 2 of our programmers used to work on a similar system @ http://www.lostboys.com
    Age: the release that we are talking about is the release august 2001 release.

    We used to sell this product for $5000, without the installation of additional, specific modules (which are not included, but an API is available) and without the servicecost contract.

    This is an old version of our current system (renamed OxYGEN), which for instance now runs on SQL2000 and makes use of Business Objects (i.e. .dll's) written in C++ and Java. We've moved on, but this is still a very good services platform for a start-up company, or just for your own phun

    I need the flashmovies for a new-to-release website, 100% dedicated to our product itself. A seperate website from our corporate site (which i'm not writing down in this post, for the whole world to know - but i'll be more than willing to tell you whenever we are corresponding on all this) that has no flash

    We've all discussed this, and decided that this is cheaper that hiring a flash designer or teaching ourselves flash. The system is 'just' laying there...waiting to rock

    I hope we can help each other out.

    Hope hearing from you,
    Cheers, Eric

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    No offence intended to you or your company, but what makes you think that hunting around here would produce a cheaper alternative to hiring a flash designer? I'd guess that there are a fair number of designers roaming these forums. I, for one, help those with questions when I have time and pick up ideas for my own projects.

    If your looking to pick up a 14 year old kid wanting his first project, you are looking in the right kind of place. But tell me, what would he do with the package you're offering? You really expect him to be running a server? Or need it to help manage his geocities freebie site?

    I was directed to the bluetooth site a little while ago. As design goes, I like it. And I'm certain most of the designers here could do what you're asking. But don't you realise that hiring one of us would be the same as hiring a flash designer? And we talk money, not dated programs.

    Seriously, decide on hiring a designer or learn flash for yourself. Which leads me to ask why you'd want "easy to update .fla's" if you have no intention of learning the program in order to update the .fla's? Personally, with your offer, I wouldn't even consider handing over the .fla's to you, only the .swf's. I rarely give my clients the .fla's, unless there's a very good price on them.

    All said. I hope to see you about here posting newbie questions very soon.


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