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Thread: Save Command

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    I know that the Save fscommand has been removed from Flash MX. What I want to know is if there is a replacement for it. I was working on a very large Projector program that used this command and I still need this functionality.

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    i have been asking that question for quite a while know!
    However, if this is any help......... try using fscommand to open a DOS environment then send a command line switch string to it that will save your text and variables.

    fscommand accepts two arguments... use command.com in the first one and then in the second argument, what ever u want dos to do for U!

    note: The second argument has to be a string with no spaces,so you would have to use 'chr(9)' wherever there will be a space.

    You can use this to do everything dos can from within flash! make directories, delete files create files, u name it!

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    Post explain

    please =-)



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    Re: explain


    on (press)
    { fscommand ("exec","command.com" add chr(9) add "/c" add chr(9) add "echo" add chr(9) add "var1=" add textbox add ">textfile.txt");

    Put this script in a button action!

    Make sure that u have an input textarea named textbox, and that, this is a projector.

    Whenever u execute the projector, type text in the textarea and then,press the button u created. Presto! dos window opens and create textfile.txt and in that file you should see: var1=whateveryouwrote!

    Use loadVariables to get whateveryouwrote back in to flash.

    Use can use the escape method to URL encode the data before you pass it to the script above, that will elimate all the spaces. spaces are replace with %20 and so forth.

    Link me if you need more helppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

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