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Thread: Macromedia Seminars

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    Hi all,

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so came here.
    As a lot of you know, Macromedia is doing their seminar tours around the country.
    I've signed up, and will attend 5 of 6 of the seminars, in Milw. Wis.
    Taking 3 days off from the printshop, where I work. It's not a high paying job, and is only part time as bizness is pretty slow, anyway. I believe I'm doing the best thing for me, but wanted to ask you for your thoughts.
    This will put a bit of strain on my wallet, but in the long run I think it's going to help me.
    Anyway, if I'm able at all to go, do you think that this is worth it?
    If so, please tell me what to expect, how to prepair, what should I take with me? How do I make the most of this opportunity?

    Thank you for your time.
    (if you got a sec,
    please help me get the Diamond Web Award,
    if you think I deserve it.
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    I've been to three recent Macromedia seminars, and learned a nice wealth of information.

    Basically, all you need is a pen, a pad, and some attentive ears; the intructors and/or engineers will do the rest.

    Moreover, they have paid seminars on actionscript fundamenmtals. However, if you're short on some cash, you might want to buy some books on actionscript than pay 100 for a seminar. Although the 100 would be worth it, but books you can always refer to...and they give an actionscript learning CD to all participants in payed seminar...

    In short, go to the free ones and buy books on macromedia software...Ok?

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    If your a newbie these seminars are a wonderful resource! Tape or video the presentation and you will learn a great deal about the product. If you are one of us more experienced folks you may find that the coding you've been doing for years and being paid nicely for has been replaced by an action that any newbie can use. (Just don't let your boss know that your life got much easier). I just attended the Flash MX seminar in Vancouver a few weeks ago and the main thing i got out of it was a few new contacts. Note: to those who dont know BRING YOUR RESUME AND BUSINESS/CONTACT INFO CARD WITH YOU!!!

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    That's right; bring your resume and business in the event you want to be contacted for any type of business with the several companies that will be setup at the seminar...

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    Thanks guys!!

    This is what I was hopeing to hear
    I have been working with swish a lot, but the Macromedia flash will be all new for me. Now I just gotta get the program
    I got BC's and several copies of my resume to take with me.
    This is also what I hoped to do. Meet new people, and maybe find a bit of work. That will be soo great. I am looking forward to this.
    I only wish Wow-Factor was back up.
    That was a great new thing in my portfolio.
    Maybe some of these folks will have already heard of it, and may even know some of my work from The New 3D Model.
    In any event, I have the html page address' for the 3d fx to bring with me, also. Some is already in the portfolio, and I'll get some more into that, so if wow-factor isn't up, some of it'll still be in the portfolio.

    Thanks again folks.
    You have been very helpful.

    Boy, this Flash Kit is a great place.
    I've learned so very much here, and and Wow-Factor.
    I couldn't have gotten this far without you.
    Thank you!!

    (had to hit the preview button so that I could see my poor little lost footer **LOL**

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    Good luck.

    One little tip: they will be giving out prizes (books, shirts, hats, and other macromedia products), so have your answers ready for the questions they will ask the audience...

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