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Thread: Symbol Swapping???

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    Here's what I need to do and have no clue how to. I want to have a symbol, which will just be some text, that when you mouseover it, it dissapears and never comes back. I am aware that if I made it a button, I could make the "OVER" keyframe blank, but then it would come back onmouseout. I need the symbol to be gone for good.
    How is this done?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The code for the Object should look like this (Flash 5):


    // test if mouse is over the clip

    // do one of the following:
    // 1. if you want to unload a movie on the stage, works with a clip you created manually

    // 2. if you want the movie to be on stage, create an empty keyframe "empty"

    // 3. or set visible to 0
    this._visible = 0;

    // 4. or if it is an attached Movie clip

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    Hey, thanks a lot. Looks like it should work exactly how I want it to.


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