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Thread: need a tutorial

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    does anyone know of any tutorials, specifically based at side scrolling/platform games? I really want to make a mario style game. I've found accouple, but most of them only go into jumping and scrolling. I would like one that goes over all of that, but also goes into enemies, warps, and so on. So if anyone can help me Thanks!

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    The likelihood that you'll find such an exhaustive tutorial is extremely slim. So here's what I'd do:

    Develop your game as far as the tutorials you've already found will take you. Then, once you've got a working model that includes jumping and scrolling, post a link to it and ask specific questions about enemies, warps, or whatever else you're stuck on.

    If we can see your model at that point (with jumping, scrolling, etc. already working), it's a lot easier to respond to questions. And specific questions are much easier to answer than open-ended appeals for help.

    Good luck with your project, and I hope this helps.

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