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Thread: just gotta know

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    i'm 14 and i'm wondering if when i get older like 21 will there still be a market for stuff like game making w/flash and website design or sumtin. stupid question i know. maybe some of you older dudes may know, oh well i was in doubt because i thought webdesign and game designing may be tooken over by big steel robots or sumtin??

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    Sure will be the net and flash seem to be growing biger all the time and being 13 myself i sure hope it is


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    In general, yes. The market for internet delivered entertainment (including games) is going to keep growing and growing. And someone is going to have to design it.

    Things will change drastically over the next 10-20 years though. Bandwidth is increasing at about twice the rate as processor speed, and it's projected to continue at that rate for much longer than processor speed will. What that means is that in time, bandwidth will no longer be the bottleneck.

    Then applications like Flash, which are designed to be bandwidth-friendly but are processor intensive, will become obsolete, as will HTML and the web as we know it.

    That doesn't mean that it's worthless for you to learn to make games in Flash. There are a lot of concepts that will translate to whatever you might be using later in life.

    Remember, the people who are billionaires today were using Apple Basic 20 years ago. In and of itself, that's pretty worthless today, but it laid the foundation for using the technology that was to come.

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    IMO if you have certain skills and qualities that separate you from other designers/programmers and if you keep up with the latest "technology" there will always be a market for you.

    As long as the Internet exists there will be a demand for web designers, people will always be looking for new, cutting edge websites that makes them (their company) stand out. If you can provide them with those, then you should be fine.

    Who knows what the demand will be in 7 years, it might not be Flash, but I think there will still be a demand for games and websites.

    Worst case scenario: Learn how to program those big steel robots

    Just my 2 cents...

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    I agree with both MTEV and Froth.
    Wise words

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    Post sure there is

    sure there will always be a market, be it somewhat different than the one we are used to nowadays.

    The main point is - you need to show you have the skills to think ahead of the game that is development and design.
    If you keep on reproducing and recreating what has already been done - I think you're out.

    On the other hand - if you keep a cutting edge (bleeding edge is even better) towards other people in the same biz - you're up and running ahead of the pack, being a leader ...

    And by the way - we humans have been playing games since Pong and Defender - so I think there will always be room for games and such applications (other apps too), whether it will be on a PC, a television, or maybe in a virtual environment - that will be the question ...

    But then again - that's only the carrier of the data, not the data per se ...

    Cheers, and good luck in life, school and profession



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