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Thread: .swf file size::how do i reduce?

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    i know this question has popped a few times, but can't seem to find the threads that best relate to my problem.

    the majority of my .swf files are 110k - 200k+. they contain no bitmap images or gifs. they do contain quite a bit of detail on the vector imagery. sometimes there is a bit of alpha 100-0. never really any sound.

    anybody who can help me out on this muchas appreciated..


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    If you're not using sounds or bitmaps all I can really think that will help is to try to maximise your use of symbols (if you're not doing so already ). For example if you have the same logo appearing in a number of places create the logo as a graphic and place that in all the places where the logo is needed, that way flash only has to load it once.

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