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Thread: What Settings should I use??????

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    I've only ever used flix for CDROM stuff and now I'm faced with a web project. I have Flix 2.1 and Flash MX and want to put 4 video files onto the site in a window thats 4:3 ratio and approx 300 pixels wide. I want the best quality I can get cos its for a video production company... But of course there are download implications.

    Give us a clue!?

    The videos are going to be about 3.5 mins in length each.

    Is importing the original files into MX going to be enough to compress them? Or is Flix going to let me get the file size down and keep a decent quality?

    Also I don't understand what wildform mean when they say that Flix exports MX video, as its not flv format, but still a swf.. doe sit mean you can import it direct without having to use a loadmovie smartclip?

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    You should use Flix to create the MX swf's because Flix lets you set a maximum bitrate for your web viewers - Macromedia Flash does not allow you to specify the bandwidth of your SWF.
    Start with the presets and work your way from there.
    Flix creates SWF files. If you want to import an MX video swf you need an .FLV file.
    We will be adding support for .FLV files shortly.

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