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Thread: Flash Movie slowing down rest of site

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    Hi There

    I'm looking for any help on the following problem I'm experiencing with a Flash Movie (banner style movie) at the top of a web page I'm designing. The movie is only 13k but is a looping text glint effect. What I'm finding is that when it is running the rest of the site is considerably slower - notably javascript rollovers and drop-down menus that I also have in the page.

    Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong with the Flash movie?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Well, probably the effect you are using take lot's of memory which might have slower the CPU speed of the computer u are using... and so it is making other application work slower.

    I noticed that when I used to play my flash movies in PIII 1000 Mhz. it worked fine... but when I tested it in Pentium Pro.. it took lot of memory..and sometimes I had to re-start.

    Movies included lot's of PIC.. done animated in Corel Paint.. which I transfered in flash.

    maybe this helps.

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