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Thread: Scrolling images in movie

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    Aug 2001
    Vejle, Denmark
    I have just nearly finished a new website for my friend, Jesper, an artist, but I have some problems. I have a main movie, in which I load in the other movies by _level.
    The "Galleri" with the scrolling images is a movie with the same dimensions at the other ones, but it covers the whole screen, WHY :-(?

    I have tried to load it into a containerclip and making a mask, but masking is impossible, because it consists of an .xml file, that loads in dynamically the .jpg´s.

    Does anyone have a solution to my problem, please come with some useful threads you clever flash guys.

    The adresse is: http://www.thomas-udbye.dk/abstrakticum/html

    Thanks a lot,

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    Oct 2000
    try making the dimensions, of the movie that you load, exactly the size of the viewing box for the pictures in your main movie

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