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Thread: MySQL and DNS

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    If I am running DNS on W2K and cannot seems to connect to MySQL databases, Should I use
    $db_name = "login";
    $table_name = "accounts";
    $connection = mysql_connect("localhost(or can I use domain.com)", "user", "pass") or die("Couldn't connect.");

    Each time I enter a user pass in PHP i get:

    Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: '(my password)@ns.vestward.com' (Using password: YES) in F:\..etc ..\index.php on line 13
    Couldn't connect.

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    mysql has a strict access policy where you can set which user from which machine can access mysql (and what this user is allowed to do).

    so if admin@localdomainname isn't allowed to login you must create a new user 'admin' that has access rights if he's accessing mysql from localdomainname (which he is even when u define localhost, because the reverse lookup of your IP resolves to 'localdomainname').

    to edit the mysql user database i suggest to use phpmyadmin or some other graphical interface.


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    Thanks again for the reply. I do apprecitate the help

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