If you were to describe yourself in five words what would they be?
five very important sounding ones

Name: Andy Lavelle
Username: SubKloda
Where based: Merseyside (UK)

Favourite cliché/quote/phrase:
I'm surrounded by muppets...

Favourite Website/s:

Favourite Cocktail: Guinness
What do you do for fun? Eat, drink & be merry

What has been your worst accident:
Snapping the arm off a Schlenk tube and sticking it in my finger

Most embarrassing moment:
Far too many to mention... but they normally involve alcohol and falling asleep on public transport

Why do you volunteer your time as a Moderator:
This is where i learned flash, so i try to give a little back when i've got the time

Thoughts to advance the profession:
Burn all copies of Netscape 4.x and go round sneakily installing IE on everyone's machine

Started off in chemistry but realised it's a lot more fun monkeying about on the internet... And when i found out you could actually get paid for saving word documents as html files i knew it was the career for me...
And now i'm slowly going to turn everyone into gambling addicts using every interactive medium available ..

Final thoughts:
Stop messing about on that computer and get to bed .