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Thread: arent fonts automatically emedded into swfs?

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    I thought that in MX fonts were automatically embedded into swfs?

    Ive got a movie where my text fades in and out. Im using Impact as my font and it wasnt fading when i published the movie. When i went to one of the text symbols and chose Character>Embed Outlines>All it fades when published, but no other text symbol with the same font fades. Ive got to go through the same process with each symbol.

    Is there a way i can embed the whole font?
    Should i have to?



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    when you tick embed fonts, you are basically ticking use embeded fonts. Check the size report when you publish.
    If you have 2 text symbols that are dynamic you need to tell both to use embeded fonts. the font will only be embeded once, I recomend including only upper,lower,chars, and sybols rather than 'all' .. check out all that k in something like arial ....baaaad

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