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Thread: losing the letter "y" in the getDay and getMonth function

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    I am trying to give values to the the numbers that come standard when you use the getDay and getMonth functions.


    I am using an if statement to change them but in the swf i am losing the "y"'s so in the movie it is writen out like this:

    Tueda, Ma 7 2002

    do i have to add a special charcter code for flash to read the letter "y" ?

    please help!

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    The example you gave is missing an 's' as well. Are you sure you don't need to just embed the font in the text field?

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    If embedding the font doesn't work, try changing the font, just to see if the "y" shows up. Another possibility may be that the text filed is to small, or the font too large. PLay around with different sizes.

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    I forget to embed the font. as soon as i did my problems were solved. thanks for the help

    sometimes the easiest solutions are overlooked.


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