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    Which commend is used to save our flash things to a database

    i made a feedback form in flash, name, email, comment also give this name for text fields. how i push the data to the date base. i used ASP.

    which command used for push and which command is used for pull( i mean loadin to flash screen from database)
    if u can give me the asp commands also

    Thank You


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    The database commands depend on what kind of database you are using (ie mysql). As for Flash; I don't think it has direct database support so you'd have to have some kind of script (ASP, perl, or whatever) which would format the data you want and act kind of like a text file which flash could read. I'm sure there are some tutorials on this subject. I can't be very helpful because I haven't done it before :\

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    To get your variables from flash to your ASP script you'll need to use something like loadVariables("myaspscript.asp",this,"POST");

    in the ASP script (i'm not familiar with ASP) but i'd imagine you need to set up a connection to the db and the generate an sql query (although the exact syntax for this varies depending on the database) to insert the data loaded from flash into the database.

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