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Thread: Netscape vs IE

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    I have a site I am working on and it works fine in Internet Explorer but doesn't really work in Netscape. The site is based on a swf file which has multiple scenes and Netscape stops playing once the second scene is called upon so I am thinking that may be the problem. Is there anyway to fix this so Netscape can play it too?


    here is the site, maybe it will work on Netscape for some computers:


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    Your site is quite good. I visited with netscape and there is nothing wrong. Actually SWF files independent from browsers. So that means you have to reinstall your flash player plug in for netscape. And don't worry everythings OK on your site.

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    It looks like your flash content is designed for flash5. You might have Flash4 installed for Netscape. Try upgrading and see if that helps.

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