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Thread: problem starting/stopping movieclips within scrolling menu

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    okay...i created a sliding menu that contains four independent movieclips. there are four buttons on the main timeline that correspond to each movieclip. when you click the button, the menu slides into position. it works great except for this....

    my question is how do i get the current movieclip to STOP playing when the user selects one of the other buttons??? i know how to make the movieclip start but i have no clue how to stop it and having all four movies playing simultaneously bogs the processor and slows the animation.

    i have dwelled over this for hours and i still can't figure out a solution anyone who has tackled this problem before please help!

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    With actionscripts, you should be able to just use TellTarget to make the clips play() or stop().

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    yeah i considered that already....

    the problem is that i created an "Enter" animation for each movieclip and an "Exit" animation. i wanted the "Exit" part of the clip to play out when another button is selected which is the part that is giving me trouble

    this is what i have attached to the first nav button now...

    _root.SCROLL.MCscroll.movie2.gotoAndPlay("Exit"); _root.SCROLL.MCscroll.movie3.gotoAndPlay("Exit");

    this totally sucks because even if another movieclip is currently playing i have to attach all these "exit" scripts so that they all return to a blank frame and it plays them all instead of just the one active movieclip. it works but it is not the clean solution i am looking for....

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