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Thread: It was very nice to talk to her again

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    Hello again, my friends.

    Some of you may remember:

    It's been a little over six months since I posted that ... just thought I'd let you know that things have progressed. Not by much, but two steps forward and one step back is much better than two steps forward, three steps back.

    I took the advice of CrashedStar and the encouragement of IFMP (where has he been?) and wrote Kay (my ex) a three page letter. I kept it very simple explaining how work was going and what I've been doing. At the end of the letter I wished her well and said "it would be very nice if we could talk again..." and signed it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    This past December, I discovered that Kay would stop for a few happy-hour drinks at a bar that I maintain a website for. I needed to visit with the bar owner one day, and while waiting for him to come out of his office, I introduced myself to the bartender. After I mentioned my name and that I designed their website, Kimberly (the bartender) said that she met my ex-wife and that she comes into the bar about three times a week. Of course my mind is going 300mph at this time, but I didn't want to appear too anxious. After about three or four 'I-just-need-to-talk-to-the-owner' visits, I asked Kimberly if she would pass on a letter to Kay. She agreed. So I wrote the letter, and after carefully scrutinizing every word I wrote, gave it to Kimberly to pass on to her, which she did.

    About a week later I REALLY needed to visit with the owner and got to the bar early enough to avoid running into Kay ... or so I thought. I was waiting on a stool next to Kimberly (she was on a break) and Kay walked in. My heart was in my throat and I remember mumbleing just loud enough for Kimberly to hear "oh sh*t". Kay came over and sat down right next to me, even though there were plenty of other open stools at the bar. I was still kind of facing Kimberly because she and I were talking when Kay walked in, but after about thirty seconds after Kay sat down, I turned towards her and said "hello Kay", and smiled. That was around 1:30 in the afternoon. At around 5pm, Kay and I went outside to the patio bar and talked till around 8:30. When we left, I took her hand and told her that it was very nice to see her again.

    We've been 'accidentally' running into each other ever since. Today I had the chance and asked her if we could have dinner sometime. She said yes and that she would call me. I gave her my number, but I'm not going to hold my breath

    Anyway, had I not posted six months ago, I (we) would not have gotten as far as I have. I know that it's not much, but it means a great deal to me ... and maybe her.

    A sincere thank you to CS and IFMP


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    Sounds to me you made all the right moves. Good job and good luck to you.

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    Best of luck to you Steve, hope it works out the way you want it

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    wishing you luck in this Steve, however it works out. Glad you came back to update us, and though I missed the original post I'm glad to see that FK could help out in a situation like this. Whenever I see posts liek this and the good help that's offered here I'm proud to be a part of FK. Don't hesistate to come back to talk more about this.

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    I remember that post looking back at it now, glad to hear things are looking up...

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    Thanks folks

    All I needed was some fresh eyes and minds to help me decide what was best for me to do. Though I don't know what the future holds, at least we are talking agian

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