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Thread: Student design site, end of term.

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    Dec 2001

    Just finished a portfolio site and I'm keen to find out if anything's wrong with it. Comments on anything greatly appreciated.


    (bear in mind I've been on the "stay-awake" caffine pills)


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    Feb 2001
    haha i like your humor, expecially that little yep guy in the beginning, looks pretty good overall. i like your take on a portfolio site, very interesting

    im not sure i understand the choose your vehicle part though. is it necesary to have to choose the car? i just think one simple car is all you need. i think design is about simplicity - more is less and less is more - but thats just me

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    Mar 2002
    man very creative there, love those little dudes! The car part got me a little confused tho, you could put titles under them so I wouldnt have to guess...

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    Apr 2002
    awesome site, it is amazingly good. I was thinking about a isual 3d navigtion fo rmy site but i havent gotten around to it. VERY GOOD

    the only thing i would add, if you have time because it will take lots, is make the truck move around to the different parts of th town when you click them. you have one 3d scene then you transfer to 2d. That snot a bad thing, but i think it could be better if you added that.

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    the shoeless designer Barefoot Kid's Avatar
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    May 2002
    London, UK
    very innovative portfolio site

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    i see you got much talent
    and for a more personal site it's very good
    however the navigation is very difficult to use
    always place a button with navigation or something like that when you want everybody to easely navigate your site
    that button chould contain all direct links to the topics
    other then that very impressive
    my site incase you're interested http://www.avaris.be and
    (under construction)http://www.boolean.be
    a different style though

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    May 2001
    hi there
    'end of term' great time of the year!

    initial page loaded fast and looked good - nice and bright, good original idea and effects - nice interaction when draggin the batteries onto the trucks!

    Its a great site ... really original ideas - well planned out - would be easy to see how I could get lost on such a rich design, but you've done it well, and I knew where I was at all times (I think!)

    On the green content boxes, I like the yellow rings, in particular the area around the BACK button nice work there!

    Perhaps some kindof border to the whole thing?

    hope this helps
    ps could you take a look at my post

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    Dec 2000
    very nice site, I like it very much

    nice creativity

    Keep up th@ good work

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    Tremonti SE
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    Apr 2002
    The site is Great...
    Very creative, good work.....
    Nice 3D web site

    Keep the good work up man

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    imagination through stupidity
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    Apr 2001
    Very nice, i really like how you used the trucks and moved them around the city.. and all at the same time made it comical.. the music for all the sections was very nice also.. great job.!

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    Jan 2002
    I like your site there are so many scenes but everything seems to work together. I also like the colors you used.

    I really like the small city you made. Could I ask how you created it? what program?

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    Jun 2000
    Very cohesive style. About the BBC site - BBC doesn't like flash in place of html. From what I saw, you could have achieved much of the style using html. I am not sure what place pixel art has with vector art. Those fonts you chose for the bbc site are pixel fonts. They stick out somewhat.

    Nice basic feel. quite Designer's Republic.

    Matthew Brown

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    Aug 2001
    Luton, UK
    very nice..
    the first image is excellent and the rollovers and everything
    i dont think youve spend as long on some of the sections as they dont look completely finished yet
    keep it up

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