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Thread: Sound, Please Help, very urgent

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    Hi i have this streamed voice over that goes on thru out a standalone application, now the voice over starts at a particular interval and im using the normal method of stream that is provided in flash 5.

    I have this intro music that plays and im loading that using the s=new sound() option, and i start the music, now once the user clicks a buttons saying presentation, he goes into the section where the voice over starts, and i reduce the volume of the background intro music, like a fade effect every three frames using the s.setVolume(90)...till i use s.stop(),

    then what happens is my voice over volume also cuts off, now how can i avoid that from happening, please help me out here, cause this product has to be delivered today itself.

    Thanks in advance

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    This thread may help


    or alternatively maybe you can get round this by using the sound object to play back either the music ot the voice over and putting the other sound into a movie clip to playback.

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