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Thread: Sound Problem, Please Help

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    Hi i have this streamed voice over that goes on thru out a standalone application, now the voice over starts at a particular interval and im using the normal method of stream that is provided in flash 5.

    I have this intro music that plays and im loading that using the s=new sound() option, and i start the music, now once the user clicks a buttons saying presentation, he goes into the section where the voice over starts, and i reduce the volume of the background intro music, like a fade effect every three frames using the s.setVolume(90)...till i use s.stop(),

    then what happens is my voice over volume also cuts off, now how can i avoid that from happening, please help me out here, cause this product has to be delivered today itself.

    Thanks in advance

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    the way u are doing is s.sound()...this is the global thing..all the sounds are controlled..if u are using multiple sounds u need to have them seperatly attached..

    like you should have the voice over sound like this:


    idname is the name of the sound which it has in the library..
    i would highly suggest that u open the ActionScript Dictionary.. to open it use HELP>Action SCript Dictionary
    once its open click on the 'contents' button and scroll all the way down till u find the "Sound (object)"...thing click and read the two pages that follow these will help..if u have a pdf manual the pages are 362 and 363

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