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Thread: Can u please check this

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    Feb 2002
    New Zealand
    Can anyone please have a look at this site.


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    Jan 2002
    I couldn't even get into the site.
    As for the intro it really depends on how old you
    are. If you are just a kid I guess it's okay, otherwise
    it's pretty bad. Just keep at it.

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    Feb 2001
    I gues this is just an intro and not a complete site? Try to put that in the description next time, so people won't have to wonder about it being a fully functional site or not.
    The flash you use in the intro is basic flash, but it worked and ran pretty smooth. As for design and color use it's not soo good. There simply is no design, just some parts put together and you've tried as much colors from the color panel as you could. Try to stick to somthing that actually lookes good and colors that go well together.

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    Luton, UK
    way to simple and....way too simple....ehm thats it
    do more and show us again

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