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Thread: How to beat Bill Gates

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    I just read this great article on Business 2.0's website. Its all about how Microsoft snuffs out its competitors and how to not be snuffed. The article takes a look at some of the past victims, current victims, and those who have been able to fend off Microsoft.

    By looking at those businesses who Microsoft can't beat, the article gives some rules about how to win against the giant. Great read.

    Here are some quotes:

    In the mid-1990s, {Thomas) Reardon ran the Microsoft engineering team that developed Internet Explorer, the product that methodically snuffed out Netscape. This, he says, is the one thing anyone going up against Microsoft must understand: "The presumption at Microsoft," says Reardon, now vice president for technology at cell-phone software maker Openwave, "is that all you have to do is wound the opponent, and they will bleed to death."
    Microsoft has already achieved what company insiders consider a historic feat: a critically acclaimed first-generation product. Microsoft is famous for turning out shoddy early product versions, then hurling money and brainpower at gradually improving them. (The first version of Internet Explorer was terrible; by the third edition, it was doing everything Netscape Navigator was doing.) But already the Xbox is far more powerful than the PlayStation 2. Its CPU runs twice as fast; its graphics processor produces more vivid images; it even has a built-in Ethernet port for the day when the broadband Internet makes online gaming irresistible.


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    innovate or die
    i like that
    better prevent monopoly threats

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    hey hey, mad article

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    If you really wanted to get technical - Bill's power comes not from innovation.. its more persuasion. He only got rich off stealing other people's ideas (i.e Steve Jobs, Netscape, etc.) which is totally cool. Hey - he is loaded and I am not.

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