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Thread: mm web productions

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    http://mm.webstardesigns.com/v4 please give me a site check, thanks

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    really nice site. i really like the colors..they blend well. keep up the good work.

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    BradyWhite.net Kac's Avatar
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    Nov 2000
    Orem, UT
    Very nice.

    I love how you feel so comfortable at the site. The baby blue color scheme really adds to your site. The navigation is straight forward (portfolio and faq didn't work).

    when the site first loads, the two lines that come in from opposite sides is too slow, you can actually see the frame by frames, u might want to bump up the speed. You might try the frame rate, but that would prolly screw ur entire site over.

    On the services section, when u click on an object, it takes a while for it to load, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but I got impatient waiting for it and clicked on something else to see if it worked. Also you can still click on the sub-nav in the services section when the window describing the service is up. You might want to work on that because it doesn't look good to have the hand come up when someone is scrolling over your sub window.

    What are those graphics that you are displaying? I would like to see them larger but an limited to the small thumbnail of them.


    I love the shading and the loading in of all your sections, very nice...

    I was viewing your "friends" and found myself loving their sites as well, i can see that you are en route to their level.

    Your music really adds to the site, it makes u want to stay there longer. Very good selections.

    Keep it up,

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    thanks for the comments and critism so far people. much appreciated

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    Senior Member
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    Jun 2001
    Nice...are u using Swish or Flash for that ? Just wondering Good site anyway.


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    i use both programs, i mainly used swish for the layout etc but flash for the separate movies

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    imagination through stupidity
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    Apr 2001
    portfolio link doesn't work...

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    Pixel Freak God label's Avatar
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    Dec 2000
    under your bed!
    Did like the idea of having a schroll bar at a 1152x864 view. Its a nice site. Nice color scheme. What fonts are you using? Looks good. Keep up the good work.

    (wohooo... my 1000th post )

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    yeh the faq link and the portfolio links do not work yet. I forgot to mention that the site is incomplete, sorry. But it will soon be finished, please check back sometime next week for hopefuly the final site. Thanks for comments so far, appreciated

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    Jun 2001
    gotta agree the music loop is cool. by far the most impressive part of the whole site. not that the graphics aren't good too but a good loop goes a long way. really distinguishes, know what I mean?

    no preloaders? (56Ker here)

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    Jun 2001

    Fantastic site,

    I think the layout and the graphics are superb,
    Great mix of html and flash


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    Filmmaker J-Luv's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    With her.
    yea man, I like that. very nice colors and warm feeling...

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    Senior Member Flamboyant Flasher's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Swingingly professional is what the site is, as I see it now. For the functionality and design scheme, to say the least, suffices....

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    many thanks for all comments people!im glad people like the music loops!if anyone wants them i will gladly provide them for download from my site. Many thanks again

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    FK Lover
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    Mar 2002
    not bad, didnt bother reading all the comments, but generally stick with one font, one font size. have a mute button to turn off the music.

    and there is a line missing in the AS for the clock!

    it didnt display the 0 in 8:02:22

    add a line similar to this in your AS:

    if (length(minutes) == 1) {
    minutes = "0"+minutes;

    rearrange variable as needed

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    FK Lover
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    Mar 2002
    of course goes without saying. same for the seconds between 0 and 10.

    if (length(seconds) == 1) {
    seconds = "0"+seconds;

    hmm, there must be a faulty code out there, the second or third person with the same error. ;p

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    thanks for the advice. I will get that clock sorted out asap. Watch this space for the faq and portfolio sections of the site.

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    Mar 2002
    Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Very nice colours!

    A few small things:

    - when for instance Services is clicked when it's already showing the Services content, it shouldn't start building that content all over again, especially because it takes about 6 seconds.

    - the wallpaper at the bottom doesn't work, but also opens up in the same window. I think it should open in a new window.

    Other than that: very well done!

    P.S. could you also please take a look at my site and tell me what you think:

    Cheers, Flashmatazz

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    May 2002
    Very Nice. Cool summer breeze to it like I am sitting on my deck with a glass of wine watching the waves roll in. Or I guess that could be the music which is very cool. The only thing I dont really care for is the lined border around the movie, don't quite fit the blended muted tones of the backgrounds. Keep up the good work.

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    the site is more or less complete, the only real thing that needs finishing is the portfolio section. I have yet to get it workin properly, but should be completely finished within the next few days.

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