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Thread: seti, think, and FLASH?

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    i now have both seti@home and THINK. i've thought about using Flash to create a distributed-computing project. any ideas? i currently think of possibly pi computation, comparing systems, even creating a dynamic application, or a wordlist.


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    1. An ESP detector (everyone, think of a number between 1 and 10).
    2. Trans-oceanic Pong®.
    3. Global Eye-witness Weather (It's 67° F., and partly cloudy).

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    Time how long it takes for groups of computers to do 10,100,1000,10 000, .... rings... =)


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    do something worthwhile. flash MX lets you store information in shared objects (up to 100k on the users machine). You can also detect resolutions, platforms, browsers, windows version etc.

    Flash, effectively could be used to build up a huge database of user information, ie, percentage of netscape users, platforms used etc.

    This information, with enough, visitors could create a more accurate demographic of user information than the common lists that macromedia and the like churn out.

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